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Operation hooklift containers), as well as storage waste bins

Metal waste containers of manufacturing-plant LLC "Volga-Ukraina" are used mainly in the field of waste management - both industrial and domestic, as follows:

- in the factories;
for the collection and recycling of metal, scrap metal, packaging materials
- in large areas.
Containers as hook lift type and chain type, are operated for the disposal of packaging materials, depending on the category of waste:
1. paper
2. cardboard
3. plastic
4. waste, that can not be disposed
5. leftovers
6. degradable waste
7. household waste

- On construction sites and in the places of constructions that must be demolished:
  1. packaging materials;
  2. Materials (stone, wood, etc.) that remain after the demolition;
  3. other debris.
Hooklift system - using types of machines as hook loader + mulitilift dumpsters and storage bins (adapted by chain system) avoids downtime of trucks during the loading process.
This system of the use of containers also avoids the sorting process that was originally done by the consumer.
Using multilift containers and skip loader containers provides cleanliness of territory, as well as the cleanliness of the environment in general.
Industry waste management minimizes the consumption of natural resources.
Nowadays, the scope of recycling has developed all over the world.
Today all raw materials are recycled. Recycling process is the future of our planet, it is also our future.
Scope recycling promises a bright future for a long time. Invest in a waste management, save on your machines without downtime - buy containers of your reliable partner - the manufacturing plant LLC "Volga -Ukraina"!


The correct approach to waste management
Organization of transport of municiapl waste by waste hooklift containers
Ideas for Cities: aesthetics, efficiency, ease of use of dumpsters, fitted under the hook and chain systems
Operation hooklift containers), as well as storage waste bins

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